Funny dark hard-boiled crime comedy written & directed by Shane Black, staring Robert Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer. Adapted from a Brett Halliday, (né Davis Dresser; born in Chicago, died in Santa Barbara, wrote a ton in between) novel. Loved it!
Love soccer, excuse me, English football, brawling, Elijah Wood, and dreary gritty streets populated by hyper-masculine thugs who hate Yanks and Journalists? This is your pint!
Skip Prometheus and watch this one instead; low-budget first feature by Ridley Scott, shot by Frank Tidy, based on a short story by Joseph Conrad. Lush, beautiful, amazing costumes and locations. If you didn't love grads, you will be the end of this film! Love love love it.



Writer Director Social Realist Andrea Arnold (Red Road) brings us Michael Fassbender (with an Irish accent) in a disaffected young woman's coming of age in East London tale. Long, but good. 



Documentary about a family of artists coping with the fame and grief created by their youngest child, photographer Francesca Woodman, who committed suicide at age 22.



Joe Carnahan does a great job with the story, Liam Neeson, and the wilderness; the wolves get a bad rap: better than average man vs. nature movie. BTW, nature doesn't care about you... 
If you had told me 15 weeks ago that this season was going to be dominated by Pete (philandering & lovelorn,) Lane Price and his suicides, and that Don would be rendered completely boring, I would have thrown my high-ball in your face. Yes, we knew that Peggy would leave, and Joan would become partner one way or another. Matt; enough with the new wife, Megan, and the old wife, Betty: let's get back to Don the cad, as we know and love him.
Too weird, and chauvinistic: I'd rather watch James Caan in Rollerball, again. 



"You fragments." The master of the contemptuous sneer, Ralph Fiennes, at his moody bloody best, stars in his directoral debut: a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy. Surrounded by top shelf talent; Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox. Violent war action: with Shakespearean dialogue: yes! Watch it with the subtitles on.
Finally out on DVD, tour bus guide and poet Timothy Levitch shares his fascinating view of New York City (pre-09/11).