Liana Liberatois gives a stellar performance as a fourteen year-old who falls victim to an internet pedaphiliac. Clive Owen (and the rest of her family) suffers beautifully in this well-crafted drama.

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Captivating look at a man, an era, and a movement. The 1960s are revisited through the life and music of singer songwriter political activist Phil Ochs. Fabulous!

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Frivolous lawsuits, tort reform: think it's a homegrown grassroots movement? This film reveals the truth about the corporate attempt, spearheaded by Bush & Rove, to limit citizens legal redress against corporations. Features the story of Jamie Leigh Jones vs. KBR (Haliburton.)

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Solid, suspenseful sci-fi action romance featuring Vera "the eyes" Farmiga. Loved it: but why does the scientist have to be a "mad scientist'? Makes me homesick for Chicago. Duncan Jones, "Moon" directs.

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Oliver Reed, early '60s British style, children in peril in black & white from Hammer Film Prods.

ASPHALT (1929)


Late silent expressionist German potboiler with great acting, photography and editing.



Can't remember the last "adult" film I saw in a theater. There's so much to say about Tree of Life, and it's impossible to be objective as I had the great fortune to work on The Thin Red Line. To any Terrence Malick detractors, I encourage you to look at the evolution of his films, and compare them to other directors from the American New Wave movement. It's stunning, and I'm amazed and grateful that an experimental film can be made and distributed in Hollywood.
Preposterous, weird combo of romance and sci-fi, beautifully photographed by John Toll. Adapted from Phillip K. Dick's 1954 short story. Great locations and cinematography.

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How Science Will Shape Our Human Destiny and our Daily Lives by the Year 2100. Haven't been this excited about the future since Carl Sagan's Cosmos. To sum it up, make sure your children and grandchildren are good at the two things that computers and robots are bad at; common sense, and pattern recognition.
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