A young geisha seeks retribution for the murder of her father and battles to carry on the tradition of a powerful double-edged sword tradition. Kick-ass fight scenes, beautiful subjects and photography, brief, imperfect. BTW, a geisha is a woman trained in the arts: not a ho.
I just couldn't get into it right now...



The action sequences are fine, but the rest of the film stinks. It's interesting to see Jackie Chan play a grizzled old soldier who wants to be a farmer again, but how many horses have to be tripped and probably seriously injured? Makes True Legend look masterful in comparison.



Love love this movie. Funny, well-written family drama / comedy with high school wrestling.
Official Site: http://www.foxsearchlight.com/winwin/



A hundred year-old Mexican family circus struggles to make it, and stay intact in this social documentary that provides a window to a culture in transition.
Official Site:http://www.circomexico.com/
Slick documentary about the man who helped define the style of a generation, and changed hair forever. Lots of black & white archival footage of the groovy '60s. Fascinating.
Official Site: http://www.vidalsassoonthemovie.com/



Yuen Woo Ping is a master of Kung Fu action, and delivers a classic Chinese Wushu story (with strong Nationalistic theme) about the origins of drunken boxing. Lots of wire work and weapons. Gorgeous.
Official Site: http://releasing.indomina.com/true-legend/
A must-see for fans of Coco. Funny, unpolished documentary chronicling talented, relentless, attention-seeking O'Brien on the road with a live act in response to his firing from NBC.

Official Site: http://conanobriencantstop.com/
Hard characters, fantastic dialogue, and the gorgeous Gene Tierney directed by Otto Preminger.



Director Kenneth Branagh brings a touch of class to entertaining, effects-laden comic book adaptation. Well-done, fun to watch, but why only one shirtless scene with Chris Hemsworth?
Official Site: http://thor.marvel.com/