Once a film is deemed a national treasure, does the filmmaker have the right to alter it? I think not. George Lucas and Star Wars is the topic of this fan driven awesome documentary. Love it!
Official Site: http://www.peoplevsgeorge.com/

BODY HEAT (1981)


After 30 years, this film still rocks. Great acting, characters, tight script and directorial debut of Lawrence Kasdan.

DOPE by Sara Gran


Great short pulp fiction novel set 1950 New York City. Can't wait to see what Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore do with this one!
Official Site: http://www.saragran.com/



Feeling nostalgic for film school, or wonder what it was like to be film student? Then put this one in your queue. At least it's under 90 minutes. Awful.
Official Site: http://www.amer-film.com/



The last twenty minutes are great: lots of destruction. Vin looks too pumped-up and morose, while Dwayne carries the show. Not much here, but it looks cool...