Documentary on young Black Panther leader cut down by Chicago Police in a hail of bullets while he slept. Essential. Don't expect any narration: the footage speaks for itself.
One of the saddest chapters in modern human history, the Rape of Nanking, in black and white. A simultaneously horrible and beautiful testament to the depravity of war.
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Hard characters, fantastic dialogue, and the gorgeous Gene Tierney directed by Otto Preminger.
Director Michael Curtiz (Casablanca, Yankee Doodle Dandy) faithfully interprets Ernest Hemingway's To Have and Have Not with John Garfield as a struggling vet skipper and family man, his mistress Patricia Neal, and a ruthless band of criminals. Great movie. One of Garfield's (an original Bad Ass Mofo) last screen performance.
Marilyn Monroe at her most vulnerable disturbed best, Anne Bancroft in her debut film role as a lounge singer (lots of songs,) Richard Widmark is tough yet sensitive and Elijah Cook Jr. makes it all worthwhile in this hotel drama. Note for fretful parents: contains child in peril.
Joan Crawford as a bitter disfigured blackmailer who, with the help of a cuckold plastic surgeon, played by Melvyn Douglas, transforms herself. Directed by George Cukor: wonderful! On TCM.
Betty Grable in a rare dramatic role, with Carole Landis, Victor Mature and Elisha Cook Jr. Early film noir murder / suspense adaptation. Laird Cregar gives a note worthy performance as an obsessed detective. Quick & tight!
Jane Wyman gives an academy award winning performance as a poverty stricken deaf mute. Compelling back & white drama set in Nova Scotia, but filmed in Mendocino. Strong themes of morality & religion. Ground-breaking for it's time, holds-up today.
Jules Dassin directed some great films; Brute Force, The Naked City, Night And The City, Rififi. Novel and screenplay by A.I. (Buzz) Bezzerides. Lee J. Cobb & Richard Conte tussle in the market district of San Francisco. Realistic noir style with romance featuring the struggles of long haul truckers.

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Oliver Reed, early '60s British style, children in peril in black & white from Hammer Film Prods.