Perfect vehicle for Sam Rockwell to flex his alcoholic poacher who accidentally kills a teenager and ends up with some bad guys moneymuscle.
Good book. Christian Longo's; (murderer of wife and three young children) story told by disgraced NYT writer Michael Finkel. Jonah Hill will play Finkel (opposite James Franco.)
Erik Larson's dense historical account of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, and a psycho killer just blocks from it's entrance will be very challenging to adapt to the big screen because there is no clear opponent to the main character until the very end of the story. Love DiCaprio, but If only Ryan Gosling were to be cast as Dr. H. H. Holmes! Promising addition to the Steampunk genre.



Griftopia: bubble machines, vampire squids, and the long con that is breaking America, by Matt Taibbi. Read it if you want a clear understanding of what's happened to our nation and why we're in this awful mess. 

Kindle Madness


The Maid: A Novel of Joan of Arc by Kimberly Cutter, and Outliers: The Story of Succes, by Malcolm Gladwell, plus a subscription to The Nation Mgz. and NYT Headlines, have conspired to keep me from movie viewing. Will post soon with The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975.

DOPE by Sara Gran


Great short pulp fiction novel set 1950 New York City. Can't wait to see what Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore do with this one!
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Sometimes you just gotta read a book: here's what I finished recently. All of them great.
Palastine, by Joe Sacco.
Siblings without Rivalry, by Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish.
Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It, by Gary Taubes.
How Science Will Shape Our Human Destiny and our Daily Lives by the Year 2100. Haven't been this excited about the future since Carl Sagan's Cosmos. To sum it up, make sure your children and grandchildren are good at the two things that computers and robots are bad at; common sense, and pattern recognition.
From the brilliant mind of Vincent Bugliosi: a funny, well-written, scathing denouncement of both Christianity and Atheism. The Agnostics Handbook.

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A Roku will be delivered this week: no more waiting for movies in the mail...
How adorable was Ryan Gosling (and Rachel McAdams) in The Notebook? Sweet movie.
If you haven't read anything by Stacey Schiff, start here; Cleopatra: A LIfe. Great writer, fascinating book.