Have you ever started watching a DVD and wonder: how the heck did this get in my queue? Halfway through this disaster I realized why: James Ellroy wrote it. Street Kings is no L.A Confidential (or Training Day.)
Yes, yes, yes, YES!
Film Noir, adaptation of a Cornell Woolrich novel, 81 minutes tight, great drunken flashback montage: yes!
What king of person would fabricate a story about surviving the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, and then go on to lead a survivor group? Watch this documentary to see for yourself...



Writer Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon,) and director Tom Hooper (The King's Speech,) assemble a stellar cast for this made for TV Movie about the Moors Murderers, and the Lord (Longford) who sought the redemption of one of them: Myra Hindley. It's so good: yes!



Coming of age on the Mississippi River tale from writer/director Jeff Nichols (Take Shelter.) I don't love the steadicam, but yes yes yes: loved it!



I barely remember Capote, and I'm sure it's good, but this Truman Capote In Cold Blood biopic features his New York City socialite friends, and a romance with Daniel Craig: yes!
Jérémie Renier and Déborah François are two young messed-up parents in this gritty Dardenne Bros. Palm d'Or film: when's the last time you watched a movie without music? Yes, yes, yes.
Violent, Showtime, family / gangster / political drama, set in Providence, Rhode Island, which lasted three seasons. The writing, acting, characters and performances: outstanding. Loved it. 



It's funny, and I love Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine, but it's kinda creepy to like a killer: don't you think?