Susan Hayward won an Oscar for her portrayal of good time girl turned death row inmate Barbara Graham. Late film noir directed by Robert Wise. Great Johnny Mandel jazz score. Yes.
Good book. Christian Longo's; (murderer of wife and three young children) story told by disgraced NYT writer Michael Finkel. Jonah Hill will play Finkel (opposite James Franco.)



It's cold, distant, violent, to arty. Hey, Gerardo Naranjo, if you want anyone to connect with your characters, stop filming the back of their heads.

OUTRAGE (2010)


"Beat" Takeshi Kitano returns to hardcore yakuza action: lots of violence and brutality. Not a great film but worth it if you love his messed-up face, gangsters and imaginative murders.



Story and characters: better than the sequel. Heavily narrated. Brazilian cops, para-military fascists, drug-dealers and college students in the favelas of Rio prepare for the arrival of the Pope. Lots of yelling & angst, hugely popular, ultra-violent film.
Ultra-violent police procedural set in the world of Rio de Janeiro slums, crooked cops, and politicians. Most of the lines are screamed, the camera is hand held, and the body count is high.
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British TV series adaptation of David Peace's work, loosely based on the Yorkshire Ripper case. Andrew Garfield stars in the first (and best). Cast includes Sean Bean and Paddy Considine. Dark, violent. Try to view it with subtitles. The flashbacks can be confusing, but it's worth it.
Writer / director Nicolas Winding Refn and actor Mads Mikkelsen create one of the most difficult and rare phenomenon in cinema: empathy for a total jackhole loser character.
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Documentary on young Black Panther leader cut down by Chicago Police in a hail of bullets while he slept. Essential. Don't expect any narration: the footage speaks for itself.



Three good actors is a horrible movie; De Niro shows his age, Owen dons a moustache, and Statham phones it in. Crap.