The rise of Nicolas Sarkozy, and the decline of his marriage is dramatized in this engaging, heavily subtitled, and often humorous political drama. Great performance by Denis Podalydès.



The original that The Tourist  was remade from. French thriller / romance: just okay.
Louis Malle's tale of a young man, casually rejected by the French Resisitence to German Occupation, who quickly becomes a member of the fascist lackeys; Milice, a paramilitary force, who used torture and murder to round-up Jews and Resistence members. The young lout, Lucien, imposes himself on the family of a Jewish woman whom we falls in love with. Interesting look at a unlikeable main character, and the era. Was controversial at the time 'cause it took the POV of the Fascist. Won the Oscar for best foreign film:1975.
Louis Malle’s bloated coming of age tale about a young mama's boy and his jerk brothers. Okay 'cause it's French, set in the '50s and Lea Massari is in it.



Rich jerk is kidnapped: fascinating fall from grace, and, it's French!
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Ludivine Sagnier (The Devil's Double,) Kristin Scott Thomas: love them both in this suspenseful French pysch thriller. A remake is already in the works; DePalma: Passion.  
Violent, French, and only 76 minutes! Hollywood will remake someday.



Feeling nostalgic for film school, or wonder what it was like to be film student? Then put this one in your queue. At least it's under 90 minutes. Awful.
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Bertrand Tavernier's adaptation of early french novelist Madame de La Fayette's short story is sumptuous and relevant. It's long, and the battle scenes lack the Hollywood / Hong Kong treatment, but it's so gorgeous, and the characters are fascinating: and French! Loved it.
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Wow, this is good. Loved all the music from Wire and New Order. Ambitious project that features a great performance by Édgar Ramírez as Carlos the Jackal: International Douche.
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