Tahar Rahim portrays a fictitious Algerian black marketeer turned resistance fighter in Nazi occupied Paris. Loosely based on the life of Paris Mosque rector Si Kaddour Benghabrit (Michael Lonas,) and Algerian/Moroccan/Jewish singer Salim Halali. Yes.

A young woman survives a death camp, assumes the identity of a fallen woman, and finds herself in a struggle for her life on Telegraph Hill. Cool early fifties style and San Francisco locations.



Helen Mirren can do no wrong, and Ciarán Hinds is always fascinating to watch. Great cast assembled by director John Madden in a remake of an Israeli film about Mossad agents' quest to bring to justice a Nazi war criminal.
Hungarian Jews recount their experiences surviving the last days of the "Final Solution." Includes interviews of a Nazi death camp doctor and liberating U.S. Soldiers. Important to me personally because of my Hungarian heritage. How does this horror happen? One of the best films on the subject of the Holocaust: devastating.

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/The_Last_Days/21477429?trkid=496624#height1538
NYT review: http://movies.nytimes.com/movie/review?res=9B06E3D81E38F936A35751C0A96F958260



Artfully crafted and vitally important. Painful to watch. This Israeli documentary combines German footage (for a propaganda film) from the last months of the Warsaw Ghetto, testimony from the cinematographer, official reports from the Nazi in charge of the ghetto, and first hand reactions to the footage from actual survivors. Insightful supplemental material, including Billy Wilder's DEATH MILLS (1945.) In case you forgot about Man's inhumanity...

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/A_Film_Unfinished/70129375?trkid=496624#height1876
Official Site: http://www.afilmunfinished.com/