Angeleno Marshall Lewy writes and directs Robert Carylyle in a custom made character study of an alcoholic expat brit rocker turned farm worker struggling with his past, and pending deportation: yes!
Director Marie Losier reveals the strange story of avant garde industrial music pioneer, Genesis P-Orridge, (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle) and his performance artist wife, Lady Jay Breyer. Yes.
Have you ever had a friend, who answered your every question with a question, usually just repeating your question? Annoying, right? If you hate that, don't watch this quirky romantic comedy starring Jenna Fisher (solidifying her status as the "pretty, yet bland girl") and Chris Messina; unless you absolutely love Toher Grace, who has the funniest role in this simple Detroit love story.



If you don't mind an ambiguous and crappy ending, then you might enjoy this low budget attempt at psycho / time-travel / cultdom infiltration. The end is first surprising, then infuriating. Like a selfish lover who teases you to the brink of a mild yet satisfying orgasm, and leaves you hanging to go listen to bad music...
Love soccer, excuse me, English football, brawling, Elijah Wood, and dreary gritty streets populated by hyper-masculine thugs who hate Yanks and Journalists? This is your pint!



Joe Carnahan does a great job with the story, Liam Neeson, and the wilderness; the wolves get a bad rap: better than average man vs. nature movie. BTW, nature doesn't care about you... 
Too weird, and chauvinistic: I'd rather watch James Caan in Rollerball, again. 



"You fragments." The master of the contemptuous sneer, Ralph Fiennes, at his moody bloody best, stars in his directoral debut: a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy. Surrounded by top shelf talent; Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox. Violent war action: with Shakespearean dialogue: yes! Watch it with the subtitles on.
Finally out on DVD, tour bus guide and poet Timothy Levitch shares his fascinating view of New York City (pre-09/11).
Unless you really love Bill Paxton, are studying '90s films, love hearing actors say "Goddammit" or want to see what Billy Bob Thornton looked like twenty years ago: skip this violent indie police chasing drug stealing killers drama.