Joan Crawford as a bitter disfigured blackmailer who, with the help of a cuckold plastic surgeon, played by Melvyn Douglas, transforms herself. Directed by George Cukor: wonderful! On TCM.
Robert Montgomery, Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders star in this grim early film noir on Turner Classic Movies and not DVD. A wealthy industrialist with acute paranoia torments his wife and best friend and foments labor unrest. Thank you TCM for bringing this one out of the vault!

First my toddler's surgery, now a stomach virus & dizziness. Will be back soon.  Thank goodness there is one TV show that is worth watching; RuPauls Drag Race. Love her, love the show.  Flipped to CASSANDRA'S DREAM on HBO during commercials. What a waste of sailboats, Ian McGregor and Colin Farrell!

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