Angeleno Marshall Lewy writes and directs Robert Carylyle in a custom made character study of an alcoholic expat brit rocker turned farm worker struggling with his past, and pending deportation: yes!
Director Marie Losier reveals the strange story of avant garde industrial music pioneer, Genesis P-Orridge, (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle) and his performance artist wife, Lady Jay Breyer. Yes.
Tahar Rahim portrays a fictitious Algerian black marketeer turned resistance fighter in Nazi occupied Paris. Loosely based on the life of Paris Mosque rector Si Kaddour Benghabrit (Michael Lonas,) and Algerian/Moroccan/Jewish singer Salim Halali. Yes.

If you love Chicago, and live soul music, check this one out. It's so cool; director Andrew Davis cast his guitar playing brother in his break through indie feature, featuring a young and captivating Ronnie Barron: New Orleans pianist, composer, singer. Finally on DVD & Hulu.



(Look Beyond Appearances) Stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy this documentary about disabled poverty-stricken musicians in the Congo.
Captivating look at a man, an era, and a movement. The 1960s are revisited through the life and music of singer songwriter political activist Phil Ochs. Fabulous!

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