Disneyland delay


Yesterday we visited the magic kingdom, also known as Disneyline, and it's thrown my schedule off. Will resume posting soon with notes on IP MAN 2 and THE RABBIT HOLE.

the queue


Tonight the taxes will have to wait because MESRINE: PART 2: PUBLIC ENEMY #1 just arrived, and after that FAIR GAME! 
The hard drive on my laptop went kaput, and I'm trying to recover from a trip to Disneyland CA Adventure. My favorite TV show right now is JUSTIFIED, on the FX Network. The 2nd season started rough, but director Jon Avnet has brought some major talent to this engaging police drama written & exec. produced by novelist and screenwriter Elmore Leonard. Timothy Olyphant plays one of the sweetest Bad Ass Mofo's EVER. Yes, he's a mumbler, but I still enjoy watching him.  Key to any good conflict is the quality of the "Bad Guy." This show has one of the best in Walton Goggins, and he was good in THE SHIELD too...

First my toddler's surgery, now a stomach virus & dizziness. Will be back soon.  Thank goodness there is one TV show that is worth watching; RuPauls Drag Race. Love her, love the show.  Flipped to CASSANDRA'S DREAM on HBO during commercials. What a waste of sailboats, Ian McGregor and Colin Farrell!

Official Site: http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls_drag_race/season_3/series.jhtml

Time out


Brief break from movie viewing. Two lovely little girls have dropped in to spend the night and next day. (We're a foster family home.) Shall resume posting after the massive toy clean-up!