If you'd told me, years ago, that Bill Murray would one day portray F.D.R. I'd have hit you with my Dr. Scholls sandal, and yes, he's awesome! Laura Linney is so watchable, you're gonna love it.



Alex Gibney brings journalist Lawrence Wright's one-man-play to the masses: love it!
D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus follow the team that got Clinton elected in '92, before everything went horribly wrong. Great documentary that deserves the Criterion Collection treatment.
Won an Oscar for best documentary. It's old school talking head interviews, and archival footage, narrated by Harvey Fierstein. Great piece of history about a major player in the Civil Rights Movement.
Documentary on young Black Panther leader cut down by Chicago Police in a hail of bullets while he slept. Essential. Don't expect any narration: the footage speaks for itself.
Incredibly awesome Swedish documentary about the Black Experience. Features a  jailhouse interview with Angela Davis. Can't wait to see it again!
Official Site: http://blackpowermixtape.com/
Beautiful documentary from Patricio Guzmán about the simultaneous quest of astronomers for the origins of life in distant galaxies, and archeologists and mothers search for the remains of The Disappeared in Chile's Atacama desert. Cinematic, moving.
Official Site: http://icarusfilms.com/new2011/nost.html
Captivating look at a man, an era, and a movement. The 1960s are revisited through the life and music of singer songwriter political activist Phil Ochs. Fabulous!

Official Site: philochsthemovie.com/



Frivolous lawsuits, tort reform: think it's a homegrown grassroots movement? This film reveals the truth about the corporate attempt, spearheaded by Bush & Rove, to limit citizens legal redress against corporations. Features the story of Jamie Leigh Jones vs. KBR (Haliburton.)

Offical Site: http://hotcoffeethemovie.com/
It's rare to find a documentary that's subtitled, a luxury for viewers with napping toddlers.  Must have been somebody young 'cause they spelled Lincoln Park (Chicago) Linkin Park. Comedian Bill Hicks was smart and funny, his story compelling and made possible by a close friend who photographed him at every opportunity. Well done interesting look at a life spent in the stand-up comedy business.

Official Site: http://www.americanthemovie.com/
Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/American_The_Bill_Hicks_Story/70126749?trkid=496624