Great movie, probably the most exciting documentary: ever. Don't need to love cars, or racing to appreciate the life of Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna. Can't wait to see it again!



Story and characters: better than the sequel. Heavily narrated. Brazilian cops, para-military fascists, drug-dealers and college students in the favelas of Rio prepare for the arrival of the Pope. Lots of yelling & angst, hugely popular, ultra-violent film.
Ultra-violent police procedural set in the world of Rio de Janeiro slums, crooked cops, and politicians. Most of the lines are screamed, the camera is hand held, and the body count is high.
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Beautifully photographed ghost story set in 1950s Portugal. Lots of long takes that linger well after the actors have left the frame. Gorgeous, artistic trip back in time to a faraway place.
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Brazilian coming of age / family drama set in an '80s beach town staring Vincent Cassel. Beautiful.