Yes, yes, yes, YES!



I barely remember Capote, and I'm sure it's good, but this Truman Capote In Cold Blood biopic features his New York City socialite friends, and a romance with Daniel Craig: yes!
Jérémie Renier and Déborah François are two young messed-up parents in this gritty Dardenne Bros. Palm d'Or film: when's the last time you watched a movie without music? Yes, yes, yes.
The explosions and demolitions are great, but this bleak film is unforgivably long, bloated, and boring. The fight scenes are weak and the ADR omnipresent. 160 minutes: the nerve! Could somebody please reign in this excess? 



Alex Gibney brings journalist Lawrence Wright's one-man-play to the masses: love it!



Get the Gringo? I'd rather get the bastard(s) who felt it was neccessary to cut away from close-ups over and over in rapid succession. Hey, editor, director, whoever, give us a chance to connect with your characters! There's no reason to cut so fast in a two shot close-up! Jeez... Mel Gibson is totally believable, and this is a perfect vehicle for him. Kevin Hernandez holds his own in this violent clever funny action-packed cigarette commercial/film set south-of-the-border. Love the narration: see it!
Werner Herzog is the granddaddy of documentary films, and this tight, intense study of two murderers, one on death row, the other serving a life sentence, and the families of their victims, along with police and executioner shines a light on the the ethics of capital punishment. Yes.
Susan Hayward won an Oscar for her portrayal of good time girl turned death row inmate Barbara Graham. Late film noir directed by Robert Wise. Great Johnny Mandel jazz score. Yes.
Ultra-violent police procedural set in the world of Rio de Janeiro slums, crooked cops, and politicians. Most of the lines are screamed, the camera is hand held, and the body count is high.
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In search of all things Gosling; go back to 2003 for great performances in an atypical drama.