Ricky Gervais's BBC4 TV mini-series brought to us via Netflix. It's good, mainly because of Kerry Godliman. Kinda funny, ends well: yes! 
Yes, yes, yes, YES!
What king of person would fabricate a story about surviving the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, and then go on to lead a survivor group? Watch this documentary to see for yourself...
Violent, Showtime, family / gangster / political drama, set in Providence, Rhode Island, which lasted three seasons. The writing, acting, characters and performances: outstanding. Loved it. 



Funny, characters with arcs, the perfect length, and it ends well. Thank you Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant!
Loving documentary about Phyllis Diller, and her final show. Not a ton of archival footage, but plenty of photos; funny: see it!
Long, (six hours) beautiful, Italian, multi-decade saga about a family with two brothers on divergent paths, and the women in their lives; including a mental patient, (pictured) a member of the Red Brigades, a librarian/photographer, a judge, a school teacher/mother and a young daughter (who takes fencing lessons.) Loved it!



I'm not the demographic for this British TV show, but I love it. Funny!
If you had told me 15 weeks ago that this season was going to be dominated by Pete (philandering & lovelorn,) Lane Price and his suicides, and that Don would be rendered completely boring, I would have thrown my high-ball in your face. Yes, we knew that Peggy would leave, and Joan would become partner one way or another. Matt; enough with the new wife, Megan, and the old wife, Betty: let's get back to Don the cad, as we know and love him.



The second season promises to live up to the first. So many hard hard guys and gorgeous yet conniving dolls. Love it.
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