Nasty violent British art damage horror film featuring hit men, their women, and an creepy lot of satanists and pedophiles. No no no: unless you like that kind of thing...



It takes 67 minutes of exposition to start the games, but Jennifer Lawrence is so watchable, and her character so tough, I almost forgive this ridiculous film! 
Long, violent, flawed, yet engaging true life action drama starring Gerard Butler,  Michelle Monaghan, and Michael Shannon. What is up with that horrible accent, Gerard? I forgive you...



Surprisingly decent hockey movie with Seann William Scott, Allison Pill and Liev Schreiber that is almost ruined by the presence of Jay Baruchel, who belongs with Jonah Hill in the "crappy actors that made it big" category.
Funny dark hard-boiled crime comedy written & directed by Shane Black, staring Robert Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer. Adapted from a Brett Halliday, (né Davis Dresser; born in Chicago, died in Santa Barbara, wrote a ton in between) novel. Loved it!
Love soccer, excuse me, English football, brawling, Elijah Wood, and dreary gritty streets populated by hyper-masculine thugs who hate Yanks and Journalists? This is your pint!



"You fragments." The master of the contemptuous sneer, Ralph Fiennes, at his moody bloody best, stars in his directoral debut: a modern adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy. Surrounded by top shelf talent; Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, Brian Cox. Violent war action: with Shakespearean dialogue: yes! Watch it with the subtitles on.
Unless you really love Bill Paxton, are studying '90s films, love hearing actors say "Goddammit" or want to see what Billy Bob Thornton looked like twenty years ago: skip this violent indie police chasing drug stealing killers drama.
Tilda Swinton in a Lynne Ramsay film: heaven! It's a bit experimental. With John C. Reilly. Ezra Miller is incredibly creepy as their messed-up progeny. Swinton: you are so awesome. Yes!

IN THE CUT (2003)


Remember Meg Ryan? Bet she thought she could resuscitate her career with Jane Campion's dreadfully flawed attempt at an erotic, thriller, which is neither. BTW in "the cut" means "vagina" and yes, one of the characters actually delivers the title in a line. Awful.