It takes 67 minutes of exposition to start the games, but Jennifer Lawrence is so watchable, and her character so tough, I almost forgive this ridiculous film! 



French / Vietnamese director Tran Anh Hung (The Scent of Green Papaya) adapts Haruki Murakami's novel about love, sex, loss, and insanity, set in 1960s Japan. Long, but beautiful cinematic romantic drama.



Writer Director Social Realist Andrea Arnold (Red Road) brings us Michael Fassbender (with an Irish accent) in a disaffected young woman's coming of age in East London tale. Long, but good. 
Tilda Swinton in a Lynne Ramsay film: heaven! It's a bit experimental. With John C. Reilly. Ezra Miller is incredibly creepy as their messed-up progeny. Swinton: you are so awesome. Yes!

IN THE CUT (2003)


Remember Meg Ryan? Bet she thought she could resuscitate her career with Jane Campion's dreadfully flawed attempt at an erotic, thriller, which is neither. BTW in "the cut" means "vagina" and yes, one of the characters actually delivers the title in a line. Awful.
Susan Hayward won an Oscar for her portrayal of good time girl turned death row inmate Barbara Graham. Late film noir directed by Robert Wise. Great Johnny Mandel jazz score. Yes.



Steven Soderbergh has perfected the craft of weaving score and montage, and this slick, trim, 90-minute thriller features a fabulously tough Gina Carano. Loved it!



It's cold, distant, violent, to arty. Hey, Gerardo Naranjo, if you want anyone to connect with your characters, stop filming the back of their heads.
Susan Hayward is stunning in this drama about a promising singer who discards her talent to support her husband and his singing career. She loses it to booze. Hayward is gorgeous and vulnerable, rewarded with an Oscar nomination: love her! Cool nightclub scenes, and glimpse into the world of radio before television. Dorothy Parker and Frank Cavett nominated for best original screenplay.
Incredibly awesome Swedish documentary about the Black Experience. Features a  jailhouse interview with Angela Davis. Can't wait to see it again!
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