Writer Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon,) and director Tom Hooper (The King's Speech,) assemble a stellar cast for this made for TV Movie about the Moors Murderers, and the Lord (Longford) who sought the redemption of one of them: Myra Hindley. It's so good: yes!
Alex Gibney brings journalist Lawrence Wright's one-man-play to the masses: love it!
Long, violent, flawed, yet engaging true life action drama starring Gerard Butler,  Michelle Monaghan, and Michael Shannon. What is up with that horrible accent, Gerard? I forgive you...




Vera Farmiga found the perfect script to star and direct. She's awesome in this adaptation of a novel about a woman's faith and family. She should find a film to co-star with Ryan Gosling.... Together they would kill!



Errol Morris (The Fog of War) specializes in subject driven documentaries.  A self-absorbed "beauty" becomes obsessed with an average Mormon dude, and a media frenzy ensues. Kinky.
Official Site: http://www.ifcfilms.com/films/tabloid



Evan Ross, son of singer Diana Ross, portrays a young Muslim American man struggling with his faith, family and identity in this moving independent film from first time director Qasim Basir.

Official Site: http://moozlumthemovie.com/moozlum
Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Mooz-Lum/70174309?trkid=496624
Ryan Gosling is brilliant as a Neo-Nazi Jew.

Official Site: http://www.palmpictures.com/ppalmdv3057.html
Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/The-Believer/60022966?trkid=1660



Lucy Walker, one of my favorite documentary filmmakers, somehow gained access to the Amish right of passage called Rumspringa, when teens are relieved from the constraints of their religion. (The Amish have an edge on other cultures: they do what's best for the survival of the group.) Brief, evocative and informative look at a sociological phenomenon.

Official Site: http://www.stickfigureproductions.com/
Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Devil_s_Playground/60026445?trkid=496624
Atypical Ingmar Bergman masterpiece. Gritty, (for Bergman) part of the religion trilogy recently released on Criterion. Features a captivating six minute close-up directed to the camera.

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Winter_Light/60029948?trkid=496624#height1739
Official Site: http://www.criterion.com/films/569-winter-light