Artfully crafted and vitally important. Painful to watch. This Israeli documentary combines German footage (for a propaganda film) from the last months of the Warsaw Ghetto, testimony from the cinematographer, official reports from the Nazi in charge of the ghetto, and first hand reactions to the footage from actual survivors. Insightful supplemental material, including Billy Wilder's DEATH MILLS (1945.) In case you forgot about Man's inhumanity...

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/A_Film_Unfinished/70129375?trkid=496624#height1876
Official Site: http://www.afilmunfinished.com/



Writer / Director Chris Morris takes a sensitive subject (pseudo Islamic jihadis in London) and does what apparently only British film makers can achieve: hilarious satirical political comedy. Not for those easily offended. Wicked funny.

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Four_Lions/70129391?trkid=496624#height1300
Official Site: http://www.fourlionsthemovie.com/

Rosalind Russel, one of the greatest comedic actors ever stars in this double feature. In SHE WOULDN'T SAY YES, she portrays a psychiatrist. I could do an entire feminist analysis of the script, but it's fun to watch so just enjoy it. Written by Virginia Van Upp, whom deserves a blog entry of her own: what a career!

Attention Hollywood: watch MY SISTER EILEEN,  and take notes. This film has it all: story, characters, performance. Observe how economically it's photographed and how little editing there is. I'm no expert on the screwball comedy genre, but if this it it, I want more!

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/My_Sister_Eileen_She_Wouldn_t_Say_Yes/70120044?trkid=2361637#height1664
First my toddler's surgery, now a stomach virus & dizziness. Will be back soon.  Thank goodness there is one TV show that is worth watching; RuPauls Drag Race. Love her, love the show.  Flipped to CASSANDRA'S DREAM on HBO during commercials. What a waste of sailboats, Ian McGregor and Colin Farrell!

Official Site: http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls_drag_race/season_3/series.jhtml



Contrary to the Netflix description, there are no temper tantruming chefs in this film. If you love french pastries, or appreciate pretty cakes and candy ribbons, this is the documentary for you. The score is occasionally annoying, but overall a short (84 min.) and enjoyable film.

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Kings_of_Pastry/70132743?trkid=496624#height1431
Official Site: http://kingsofpastry.com/



Awesome funny in so many ways. The writing, direction, animation, design, lighting, everything add up to one of the best animated films to come out of Dreamworks Animation. Voice talent and characterization: incredible. Love it!

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Megamind/70120612?trkid=496624#height2343
Official Site: http://www.megamind.com/



 LAST TRAIN HOME is the type of documentary film which allows the subject to be clearly focused upon, and the film maker rendered silent. No narration is uttered, and there's just a handful of title cards. Moving story, carefully crafted. Lixan Fan allows the story to unfold over a period of several years. See it!

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Last_Train_Home/70129380?trkid=2361637#height1639
Official site: http://www.eyesteelfilm.com/lasttrainhome


Time out


Brief break from movie viewing. Two lovely little girls have dropped in to spend the night and next day. (We're a foster family home.) Shall resume posting after the massive toy clean-up!



Hard to believe that this is the first collaboration between Sissy Spacek and Robert Duvall: two of our favorite actors. Beautifully photographed period piece that delivers fine acting, solid well-balanced story, and lots of lovely wood and scenery.

Netflix: http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Get_Low/70117559?trkid=2361637#height1906
Official Site: http://www.sonyclassics.com/getlow/