As Josef von Sternberg had Marlene Dietrich, Yimou Zhang had Gong Li. This film has it all; story with depth, beauty, 1930's Shanghai gangsters, great performances. If you're unfamiliar with the work of Yimou Zhang Shanghai Triad is a great place to start!

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The technology, morality, legality and ethics of the multi-billion dollar business of robotic drones, and the future of war. Is the CIA developing a robot army? Yikes! Great documentary, not for the easily freaked-out, seeing that you (or our enemies) can DIY for under $300.



Teenage Mexican Capitalino cannibals & their mom practice a bloody tradition while being pursued by cops. Horror soap opera with gay subtext. I want my 85 minutes back.

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Betty Grable in a rare dramatic role, with Carole Landis, Victor Mature and Elisha Cook Jr. Early film noir murder / suspense adaptation. Laird Cregar gives a note worthy performance as an obsessed detective. Quick & tight!
Artist Andy Goldsworthy working with time, and nature. It's lovely. Perfect for a mellow evening when you want to see beauty, and an artist with integrity.

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Jane Wyman gives an academy award winning performance as a poverty stricken deaf mute. Compelling back & white drama set in Nova Scotia, but filmed in Mendocino. Strong themes of morality & religion. Ground-breaking for it's time, holds-up today.

Summer Vacation


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Jules Dassin directed some great films; Brute Force, The Naked City, Night And The City, Rififi. Novel and screenplay by A.I. (Buzz) Bezzerides. Lee J. Cobb & Richard Conte tussle in the market district of San Francisco. Realistic noir style with romance featuring the struggles of long haul truckers.

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There are several excellent art documentaries out; Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy), Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, The Art Of The Steal. A welcome addition to this group is a rough but effective profile of brilliant, prolific, egomaniac, Con Artist Mark Kostabi.

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Brazilian coming of age / family drama set in an '80s beach town staring Vincent Cassel. Beautiful.