Louis Malle's tale of a young man, casually rejected by the French Resisitence to German Occupation, who quickly becomes a member of the fascist lackeys; Milice, a paramilitary force, who used torture and murder to round-up Jews and Resistence members. The young lout, Lucien, imposes himself on the family of a Jewish woman whom we falls in love with. Interesting look at a unlikeable main character, and the era. Was controversial at the time 'cause it took the POV of the Fascist. Won the Oscar for best foreign film:1975.
KBO: keep buggering on! Awesome made for TV movie. Albert Finney is Winston Churchill; not too far removed from Daddy Warbucks (Annie.) Loved it!
If you love Chicago, and live soul music, check this one out. It's so cool; director Andrew Davis cast his guitar playing brother in his break through indie feature, featuring a young and captivating Ronnie Barron: New Orleans pianist, composer, singer. Finally on DVD & Hulu.
Not even Kristin Scott Thomas can save this film.
A young woman survives a death camp, assumes the identity of a fallen woman, and finds herself in a struggle for her life on Telegraph Hill. Cool early fifties style and San Francisco locations.
Louis Malle’s bloated coming of age tale about a young mama's boy and his jerk brothers. Okay 'cause it's French, set in the '50s and Lea Massari is in it.  
Lots of Tom Cruise running: the best stride on screen. Brad Bird: you did it! Plus, it's funny. Yes!



Jung, Freud, psychology, the era, the actors: love them all, but Cronenberg's direction is cold and flat; the story: thin. Not terrible, not great.
Good book. Christian Longo's; (murderer of wife and three young children) story told by disgraced NYT writer Michael Finkel. Jonah Hill will play Finkel (opposite James Franco.)



It's cold, distant, violent, to arty. Hey, Gerardo Naranjo, if you want anyone to connect with your characters, stop filming the back of their heads.