Alexander Payne is a master of the dramedy, and this film has the right balance of humor and sorrow, and what's not to love about George Clooney, or Hawaii?
James Miller and Saira Shah explore the effects of the Israel occupation on the youngest residents of the Gaza Strip. A project that cost one of the filmmakers their life. Sad story: great documentary.
Elizabeth Olsen is fabulous as a young woman struggling to escape the physical and mental clutches of a violent cult and it's Manson-esque leader played by John Hawkes. Psychological story told in flashback: and it's open-ended. Creepy good!



(Look Beyond Appearances) Stop feeling sorry for yourself and enjoy this documentary about disabled poverty-stricken musicians in the Congo.
D.A. Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus follow the team that got Clinton elected in '92, before everything went horribly wrong. Great documentary that deserves the Criterion Collection treatment.
As a parent of a child who just booked her first theatrical (extra) job, this documentary about young Hollywood hopefuls' is particularly relevant. Explains the frenzy surrounding pilot season. Great characters. Inside look at kids, and the adults who both help them and prey on their dreams of stardom.